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Troy Nature Photo Club

Magee Marsh


Magee Marsh - Photo Credits - Larry Ludwicki, Member of the Troy Nature Photo Club.

 Magee Marsh, situated on the southern shore of Lake Erie, is a prime stopover for North American warblers during spring migration. It's here where you can view the unforgetable spectacle of large songbird concentrations. A photographers delight.



larry004Bio Sketch

Larry is an experienced photographer. He has spent countless hours creating thousands of photographs capturing nature’s beauty around us as well as countless travel photos. Larry has a preference for photographing birds and is a regular at many birding sites. Larry shoots with a Nikon and processes his photos in RAW. He uses Nikon lenses and uses a tripod when shooting birds.


Current Exhibition

Several of Larry's photos are currently on display at the Stage Nature Center administrative building, Troy, MI. His work is featured in the Troy Nature Photo Club's 2018 Calendar and website.

Larry has given presentations at the Troy Nature Photo Club including a well received "Eagles of Mississippi". His presentations are humerous, educational and entertaining.



Most of Larry's photos are carefully planned and set up to capture birds in their natural habitat. The effort pays off with detailed images packed with life.