" Your Lens to Nature"



The Troy Nature Photo Club promotes the appreciation of nature through photography.

We do this through:

    • Photo Walks at the beautiful Stage Nature Center(SNC)
    • Presentations on Photography for sharing techniques
    • Annual SNC Calendar competition Photos Along the Trails
    • Educational Collabrations & Workshops for improving skills
    • Marketing Photography of members


Photo Walks

Monthly at the Stage Nature Center(SNC)

 Club members provide guided tours.

The SNC Troy gem affords opportunities for that special nature image.

  • Meet new friends with a photography appreciation
  • Share your favorite skills
  • Learn about nature


Monthly at the SNC

The Troy Nature Photo Club schedules presentations by photographers or members aimed at improving the art.

A wide range of topics over past year included:

  • Composition & Light
  • Depth of Field, Lighting Basics
  • Photographing Birds
  • Image Post Processing
  • Macro Photography.

Presentations are usually free to members or discounted

Calendar Competition


Competition details:

  • Club members can enter their images taken at the Stage Nature Center, up to five per month.
  • Monthly the photos are voted upon by members.
  • Top rated photos are arranged into a calendar and published. Sales of the calendars benefit the SNC & TNPC.



Learning and improving nature photography

The TNPC promotes collaborations aimed at providing educational opportunities for learning about:

  • Nature photography
  • Photography advances in technology & accessories
  • Image post processing
  • Photo venues to practice and improve skills

We currently are working on collaborations with


The TNPC promotes member photography as follows:

  • Display of members images in galleries and categories on a dedicated website.
  • Online sales of member images
  • Gallery displays at the SNC
  • Displays of member images at public events and fundraisers.



Member benefits include:

  • Free or discounted club presentations on photography
  • Up to 20% discount on Shop nature gifts
  • Display of members images in galleries and categories on the Club's website(troynaturephotoclub.org)
  • Access to premium photo paper and supplies benefitting the club
  • Membership $30 includes a membership in the Stage Nature Center
  • Discount printing by Club members on professional printers



To become a member REGISTER HERE