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The 2020 Calendar will be our 8th annual. Jim Lewis and Jeremy Eads will create the graphic layout. Photos should be uploaded in the month taken. Use the categories set-up on the website for 2020 and  upload your entries.


  1. Competition is open for members of the Troy Nature Photo Club only
  2. Photos must be taken at Stage Nature Center
  3. Photos must be in a landscape layout
  4. The image file(pdf) must be large enough to print an 8x10 or equivalent size photo and should be 300 dpi
  5. Title each photo with Photo_title__your last name_number
  6. Log-in to the website with your user name and pass word, then select UPLOAD
  7. Choose the Category from the drop-down menu(cover 2020, Jan 2020, Feb 2020, ........Dec 2020)
  8. Browse for your entry, then select upload

The selections for the 2020 Calendar will be voted upon at the monthly club meetings. Jan 2020 photos were voted upon at the Mar 2018 meeting, Feb 2020, and Mar 2020 will be voted upon at the May meeting. If you want to submit a cover photo, these photos will be voted upon next Jan, 2020. 2019 Calendars will be published Apr, 2018.  2020 Calendars will be published early Apr, 2019.