Club Presentation Bruce

Larry Ludwicki will present his photographs taken at the Bruce Peninsula. Categories or topics include: Wild Flowers, Scenic Views, Water Falls, and Night Sky Photography. If time permits he will also discuss photographing the Pere Marquette 1225. This train is running regulary on the weekends and provides opportunity for a variety of creative shots.

Don't miss this entertaining presentation at the Thursday, February 13th Meeting, from 6-8:00 PM at the Stage Nature Center. Admission -  Members Free, Non-mbrs donation appreciated.


ABOUT Larry Ludwicki

Larry is an experienced photographer. He has spent countless hours creating thousands of photographs capturing nature’s beauty around us as well as countless travel photos. Larry has a preference for photographing birds and is a regular at many birding sites. Larry shoots with a Nikon and processes his photos in RAW. He uses Nikon lenses and uses a tripod when shooting birds.


2022 Calendar Competition

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The 2022 Calendar competition is underway. Just UPLOAD your photos as usual into the sites monthly categories and Cover category as appropriate. All photos must be taken at the Stage Nature Center.

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