About Us

The Troy Nature Photo Club started in 2011 as the Troy Nature Society Photo Club. We began with a small group of photographers who were frequently seen at the Stage Nature Center (SNC) taking advantage of the many photo opportunities. We began meeting monthly to schedule photo shoots at the SNC. Our initial club volunteer efforts included:

  • photographing SNC programs & activities
  • exhibiting our photos on the SNC website to promote its nature programs
  • exhibiting our photos at select events and fundraisers for SNC
  • publishing an annual calendar highlighting the club's best photos as well showing the beauty of the SNC

The Club was reorganized in 2016 to reflect member interests in an expanded scope to embrace new media technologies(Equipment and software) , as well as ,video and an interest in Photographic Outings.

We Promote

  • the appreciation of Nature through photography and artistic expression
  • sharing photographic knowledge, camera and digital media techniques
  • fellowship by sponsoring programs and Photographic Outings
  • the Stage Nature Center through program, donations and memberships