Trails & Treasures- Michigan Back Roads - $15

This Book of Trails is Different  | Identifies Numerous Areas of Great Photo Opportunities | Perfect for Nature Lovers

The Trails: These trails are for everyone! Each trail is beautiful, has some unique feature, and many are less than a mile long. Most importantly, you don't need the physical skills of a mountain climber to enjoy these trails. While some are challenging, most are a pleasant hike for families, a youth group, garden club, or a senior hiker seeking solitude. These trails have been picked because they are fun, not because they are rugged or famous. Whether urban or rural, most are easy to get to. As always, these destinations are often overlooked.

The Treasures: Since these trails are usually only about a mile long and often less, there will be extra time to explore the area. The treasures are attractions, destinations, or unique features near each trail. The treasure may be a nature center, an unusual monument or museum; it may be a shop that just shouldn't be missed. Sometimes it is a winery or a spot to get a great meal and post your trail pictures. Whatever it is, the treasure will add to the fun of the day trip!

Each chapter begins with a brief statement about the trail conditions, length and difficulty. About 5% of these trails would be considered hard or challenging. The rest are just a beautiful stroll through a forest, along a waterway, or across a meadow covered with wildflowers.

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