Images Taken at SNC by Ed and selected by Ann of the Troy Nature Photo Club

About Ed


Ed Morykwas has loved photography since he was a teenager, growing up in a suburb of Los Angeles. His first camera was a Kodak Instamatic 110 which used plastic film cartridges and a four-sided flash cube which rotated after every picture. His dad told him to only take "important pictures" because it cost money to send them away for developing.

Dad fortunately lived until 2009, long enough to enjoy the benefits of digital. When he passed away, he left a little sum of money to each of his four children. Ed used his to purchase a Nikon D5000 which he still uses to this day. "I'm not the world's greatest photographer," Ed says, "but my batting average is fairly high and I'm learning all the time."

From 2014 through 2016, Ed worked as a photographer and reporter for the "School Life Troy" newspaper. He covered literally hundreds of stories and took many thousands of pictures -- spelling bees, science fairs, multicultural festivals, sports competitions, classroom activities, plays and concerts -- in 4 high schools, 4 middle schools, and 12 elementary schools.

In recent years, Ed has served as a photographer for the Birmingham Shopping District including the Farmers Market, Village Fair, Hometown Parade, civic events, and numerous stores and restaurants. It's fun to see his photos in city publications and on social media.

Ed has been a member of the Troy Nature Photo Club for a few years. He appreciates the kindness of his fellow members, and he considers the Stage Nature Center to be one of the crown jewels of Troy.